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Welcome to AMVETS Post 24.


AMVETS members enjoy savings and benefits from our many partners and participate in post activities for fun, community service, and to help fellow veterans across many aspects of life. AMVETS is a veterans service organization open to anyone who is currently serving, or who has honorably served, in the U.S. Armed Forces including the National Guard and Reserves.

Annual membership dues are $30.00, Lifetime memberships are $250.



Any person who served or is currently serving in the Armed Forces of the United States of America at any time after September 15, 1940 is eligible for regular membership in AMVETS provided such service, when terminated by discharge or release from active duty, be by honorable discharge, honorable separation or general discharge under honorable conditions.

Any American citizen, as an American citizen, who served in the Armed Forces of an allied nation of the United States at any time after September 15, 1940 and before May 8, 1975 is eligible for regular membership in AMVETS, provided such service—when terminated by discharge or release from active duty—is by honorable discharge or honorable separation.

No person who is a member of, or who advocates the principles of any organization believing in, or working for the overthrow of the United States Government by force, and no American citizen or permanent resident alien in the United States, one of its territories, possessions or the District of Columbia, who refuses to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States shall be privileged to become, or continue to be, a member of this organization.

All United States Reservists and National Guardsmen who are now serving, or have been honorably discharged since September 15, 1940 are now eligible for regular membership in AMVETS, provided such service – when terminated by discharge or release from active duty – is by honorable discharge or honorable separation.


An eligible veteran may join AMVETS as a Member-at-Large of the AMVETS department without affiliating with a local Post. Departments issue the membership cards for Members-at-Large and determine the number of dues.


An eligible veteran may become a Life Member of AMVETS. As a life member, you would not be asked to pay any membership dues at any time in the future. Dues are transmitted to the Department Headquarters with Life Membership Transmittal Forms, but the life membership cards are produced by National.


National Charter members are those who were affiliated with the organization during the years that AMVETS worked for and acquired its National Charter. They were members prior to December 31, 1947, and have maintained continuous membership. If once dropped from the membership rolls they lose their National Charter designation. Annual and life member cards are specially marked National Charter Member.


Any active-duty military personnel may join AMVETS for the military dues amount specified by the Post; a minimum of $20.00.

To obtain the names of personnel in their area now serving in the Armed Forces, posts may go to the local or County Veteran’s agent. Records available there would not contain the current address of the serviceman, but this could be obtained from his/her parent or spouse. By becoming an AMVET while still on active duty, the service member will have all the benefits of membership now.